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Fun, bold, colourful jewellery and accessories created for every occasion. Each piece is hand crafted and completely original. Only a limited amount of beads are procured to ensure that each piece is a 'one of a kind'.

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My designs are completely unique and are based on the different colour combinations, shapes and textures that come to me as I place the beads together. In general, I use a mix of assorted Czech glass beads, glass pearls and fire polished crystal beads on silver plate chain, but I also work with semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver. My aim is to provide affordable, designer pieces that will make the wearer feel happy and special, so if you are looking for an original gift for any particular occasion then look no further. Each piece arrives protected by an anti-tarnish strip in an air tight baggie and presented in a stylish black gift box ready to be given away.

Also available are custom-made charm bracelets which do require an initial consultation to decide on styles and charms, but are well worth the extra trouble as they make fantastic extra personal gifts for bridal parties or special birthdays.

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shirt totes

Currently underway are a range of textiles using 'rescued' fabrics. Any treasured item of clothing that has gone out of fashion or worn out can be redesigned and turned into something else useful.

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